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Sunday Silhouettes

I cannot remember the last day that I bought a card but when I needed to get some classic, professional looking thank you cards my first thought was that I would have to buy them since I did not want to make anything to fancy looking with my scrap supplies.  I really really did not want to buy cards and as I thought about it some more I had an ah-ha moment…use the sketch feature on your Silhouette.  I knew I had the pen with the perfect color of ink and also some letterpress cards that I had bought a while ago just because I loved the quality and thickness of the paper.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Silhouettes

  1. That looks awesome! I have often thought about getting the pens, but I’m still on the fence. I love what you did here. Might push me over the edge! πŸ™‚


  2. I also have a very hard time buying cards any more and most people like the handmade ones better anyways. I love my silhouette but have never tried the sketch pens I think I may have to try them in the future.


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