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Oh Summer! Where Art Thou!

As I look outside my window and see snow falling on the third day of spring I can't help but dream about all the things that I am looking forward to when it finally warms up and summer is here:

Sun dresses

Flip Flops

Long summer days


Snow cones


Walks with my camera

Riding my bicycle

Sitting outside in the sun

Exploring new places with Sheldon

Cirque du Soleil


Plums from my back yard

Outdoor games

Green grass and flowers


10 thoughts on “Oh Summer! Where Art Thou!

  1. Hi VernellC, stopping by from BFS. I really like your blog and the way its been set-up, so I have a technical question. How do you do the You might also like: with a few post links? And how do you get to reply to comments people post? Is it a Typepad feature or is there a similar feature in Google as I’m with blogspot. Technically challenged here, but I would really like to try…


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