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My Intentions

I am once again doing Shimelle's class Blogging for Scrapbookers.  Hoping to make it to the end this time.  This year I think that I will use a new approach.  Last year I attempted to make a layout for each prompt and fell way behind.  My new approach for this year is to attempt to blog each days prompt some with photos and then do layouts for the ones that appeal to me at a later date.

Today we start by stating our intentions for the next three weeks of the class.  It just so happens that I am also doing 30 days of Lists and one day we had to list our blog goals.  So this is what I hope to accomplish.

  • Update my blog more often
  • Have more followers
  • Have at least 2 weekly features (so far I have one on Sunday)
  • Share more about my life
  • Take part in a blog hop
  • Restart my recipe/food blog

I know these are more blog specific than scrapbooking specific but I think that if I can accomplish the above then my posts will translate into scrapbook pages that will have more meaningful journaling on them.  And for the posts that I add photos to it will allow me to write the story behind the photo while it is still fresh in my memory.

So whether you are doing Shimell's class or not, what are the intentions behind your blogging?

6 thoughts on “My Intentions

  1. Good luck with all of your intentions – I would have to say that it is highly likely we will have a blog hop at some stage … I’ll see you there!


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