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The Story of the Uncompleted

I don't know why I decided to take an inventory of all my uncompleted projects but I did and here's what I found:

Knitted scarf – humm winter is almost over so maybe this can be put back in the to be completed pile till later.

Crochet afghan – I started this like 4 years ago and I really, really want to finish it.  It would be good for cool afternoons outside in the spring, summer and fall so into the finish asap pile.

Journal Your Christmas 2010 album ( a Shimelle Class) – I started this with the 2009 class (got the cover and day one completed) then picked back up in December 2010.  Did much better and got as far as day.  However I am really not in the mood to do Christmas stuff and this class does repeat every year so back in the to be completed pile with you.

Art Journal – This was for Learn Something New Everyday (LSNED) another Shimelle class (I love her classes by the way) that I was really determined to complete on time but as they say…the best laid plans.  I really enjoyed playing with paint and just going with the flow and I at least want to get the backgrounds completed and I can always add content as I am inspired.  Think this will turn into more than just a LSNED art journal.  So into the finish now pile you go.

Altered Cigar Box – I can't remember the story behind this one lol.  Really need to finish it though…finish pile(?)

I also have some frames that I want to use to frame some Silhouette cuts, Polaroid photos from home that have been sitting on my desk waiting for me to make a mini book with them and…well you get the picture.  So now that the days are finally getting longer and warmer (knock on wood) I am hoping that I will find the inspiration to finish these projects as well as work on some new stuff.

So what's on your list of uncompleted projects?


2 thoughts on “The Story of the Uncompleted

  1. Ohmygoodness. I don’t think there is enough room in the comments section to list all of my uncompleted projects. So, in my estimation, you are in good company. LOL. Some of us are great starters… and the world needs starters. 🙂


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