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Happy Friday

I finally cracked open "The Happy Book"  I had bought it earlier in the year and had planned to follow along on my own with The Next Chapter: The Happy Book Mail Around until the mail around book got to me but of course that did not happen.  So I was happy when Jamie decided to shake up the mail around as it was taking so long for the books to travel and add the original format of the Next Chapter so that anyone could play along each week and add their thoughts and experiences based on an "assignment" from the book.

  Amelie's-Gnome-pg-104  Last week's assignment was called "Amelie's Gnome" and basically followed the idea of a Flat Stanley – carry your mascot (object) around with you and take photos of it.  I decided to travel with Adam for a few days. 

I have had Adam for well over 20 years.  One of my aunts gave him to me.  Whenever I travel out of state or out of country Adam is packed and goes with me.  I guess you can say he has become my good luck charm for traveling.  When he is not traveling he can be found in the drawer of my bedside table where I have to keep him  so that my silly cats do not steal him…again.

This was so much fun and definitely made me laugh this week.  Here are my favorite pictures from this week…Adam in a stare down with a piggy bank at work and in the art supply aisle at Michael's.

What made you giggle this week!

8 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Glorious! You are the first person I saw who put a picture of the actual completed page in your post. I still have to print some pictures to complete the page itself.


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