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I am Going Back to School

Today was the first day of class for me.  Yep I have gone back to school.   But before you think I have lost my marbles let me clarify that it is fun school.  I am doing Shimelle's class Learn Something New Every Day. For the month of September Shimelle "encourages [us] to observe the world around you and learn from your daily experiences and surroundings".  The great thing about this class is that it has so many options on how you can do this – paper scrapbook, digital scrapbook, just blog, journal in a note book, etc. 

I decided to finally take the plunge and do an art journal.  So far I have prepped my journal (this involved lots of masking tape and gesso) and done my cover page (see below) and the background for my first page.  My plan is to do the everyday stuff in my art journal and also share here on my blog as often as I can – I am hoping for daily but we all know about the best laid plans (smile).



On another note, the winners of the Blog Hop over at It Takes All Kinds have been announced.  Head on over to see if you were a winner and thanks for all who left comments, started to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribed to the feed.

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