Another Bountiful Year

The plum trees in the backyard are for another year laden with fruit.  We picked our first set yesterday and they are just as delicious as last year.  I had been a bit worried that with June not being as rainy as last year that we would not get as many (or any) plums this year.  Guess I was proven wrong.

Flowers and Plants Prompt 2
I took these photos as part of the class that I am doing with Shimelle Laine (yes I am doing another of her classes, what can I say, I am a Shimelle addict) called Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages.  I created the mosaic at Bighugelabs.

2 thoughts on “Another Bountiful Year

  1. Thanks Rachel! I may have to look for some easy recipes or find someone who can make stuff with plums. I figure if I supply them with the fruit they can supply me with the baked goods and jam LOL!!


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