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Looking Back

I was looking through my bookshelf and came across one of my many journals/note books and found this poem that I put in it on December 9, 1992.  I love this poem and thought I would share.  I have no idea who wrote it.

Today I found  friend

Or maybe he found me

or was it fate, chance, circumstance

Predestination by whatever name?

Where we like nanoid stars

Whose orbits

Devised at times beginning

In due season


Though we will never know

No matter! For instinct tells me

That out friendship, nurtured,

Will grow strong

So much of him I like!

His quiet ways, warmth,

A gentle wit and intellect

An honest face, kind eyes,

A ready smile

"Friend" is not easily  defined

And yet these things mean that to me

Concerning one whom, even now,

I hope to see again

And cont the days and hours

Until a second meeting

                        ~ Author Unknown

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