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Getting My Act Together

The sun is out, spring is in the air, the days are longer and I am feeling more motivated and energized.  It is time to get cracking and get working on some projects that I have been putting off.  I think I am off to a great start by scrapping more and using my stash and I want to keep the momentum going and tackle the following things:

  • Creative writing
  • Take more photos – I am contemplating taking this class – Picture Spring over at Big Picture Scrapbooking in April to give me a jump start
  • More altered projects
  • Blogging more – I want to restart my recipe blog that I had over on blogger with recipes that have a distinct Caribbean flavor to them
  • Trying out some old and new recipes as i want photos to go along with my recipe blog
  • Looking into starting an Etsy store

Now that it is out there in black and white I feel better and I am already starting to form a plan of action in my mind.

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