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If you’re happy and you know it…

One would think that with the weather here not being able to decide if to rain or snow, with little to no sun, and with the migraine that I was battling for a couple days that finally won on Friday that there would not be much for me to be happy about this week.  But surprisingly (or maybe not) there was happiness in my week.

My awesomely good bath washes from The Body Shop arrived on Monday – the grapefruit is to die for.

My awesome sister who I love so much redesigned my blog for me… and it is beautiful.  Don't you agree.  Thanks sis.

My awesome hubby suggested that we take a mini stay-cation in Boston during the week that the students go on spring break.  Love you honey.

I went to lunch with one of friends at The Cottage and had a yummy crab melt sandwich and awesome conversation.

Found out about a Gelato place that also sells Kiss*ss Cupcakes – what a perfect combination.  I have yet to go but I will be visiting very very soon.

Chatted a couple times with my mommy on the phone and on yahoo messenger.

Saw new pictures of my oh so cute nephew who is growing like a weed.  Can't wait to meet him hopefully in the fall of this year.

So you see I had quite a lot to be happy for this week.  What about you?  What was your happy this past week.

(This is part of The Next Chapter: The Happiness Book Mail Around)

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