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Journaling My Christmas

So believe it or not I signed up for another Shimelle class – Journal Your Christmas affectionately know as JYC.  I am actually looking forward to doing this I really have the best of intentions to keep up with it.  I have pulled all my Christmas stuff out and decided to make it easy on myself by just using the S.E.I Alpine Frost assortment pack as the main paper for this project.  I even pulled out extra matching cardstock and patterned paper so I am all ready to go.  Tonight I made the cover for my book as well.  I love how it turned out.JYC-Cover

I decided to go with an 8×8 book and pulled out some Terese Collins Bracket book covers and matching page protectors and will use my Bind-It-All (knew it would come in handy one day ha ha ha) once all my pages are completed to put my book together.

I took a look at some of last year's prompts and I love that the  class covers stuff like the weather, Christmas correspondence, and Christmas memories.  The first prompt will be delivered to my mail box on Tuesday, December 1.

On a totally unrelated note I never in a million years thought that I would say this but it does not feel like the holiday season without any snow and temperatures in the 50s.  There I said it.  Of course you know what will happen now…blizzard (lol). 

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