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I Heart My Slice

I have had my Making Memories Slice for about a year now and while I have used itSlice-Card a few times I never really realized just how much I loved it until I started to make my holiday cards for this year.  I decided that instead of buying a bunch of Christmas embellishments that I would just use my stash from last year and supplement it with the Fa La La Slice design card.  I then found some America Crafts foil paper and some textured white cardstock on sale at Michael's to use to cut images from to give my cards that extra holiday sparkle.  This is the first design that I came up with using these products.  All the shapes(word included) were cut with my Slice.  I love the simple elegance of this card and how easy it was to put together.  Thanks MM Slice!!!


2 thoughts on “I Heart My Slice

  1. I lucked out when I got mine. I was able to use a 50% of coupon on it at A C Moore before they changed their coupon to exclude Slice stuff. Hope you save up to get one soon.


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