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8 Things…

I am tackling another of the prompts from Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbooker's class – lists of favorites.  I decided to take a break from layouts and tackle a mini book for this one.  Here is what I came up with.

The journaling reads as follows:

Pen/Pencil – Well you can’t have a notebook without something to write in it with, now can you?  I am still in search of that perfect pen, the one that like my Moleskine inspires me to want to pick it up and write with.  Got to be prepared for when inspiration hits.

Notebook – I always have a notebook on me  (sometimes more than one) and this is my most recent acquisition and now my favorite – My Moleskine with squared pages instead of lines.  I also love that it has a pocket at the back so that I slip things that I find into it.

Wallet – I have never been a big fan of the purse so I carry a wallet.  It holds all I need it to and it is compact and fits nicely into my bag or my pocket.  Mine has a little pocket for change and I hope it lasts forever because I am not sure I would find another like it.

Sunglasses – I am big on protecting my eyes from the sun so I always have my sunglasses with me, come summer or winter.  I tend to buy the less expensive ones as I had a tendency to break or lose them but lately I have been thinking that I want to invest in a really nice pair.  Of course just my luck that the pair that I tired on and fell in love with is also very expensive.  Maybe for Christmas.  BTW Santa – define naughty.

Phone – Although I am not a big cell phone user it is still my lifeline to the outside world when I am not at home.  I like to know that I can be reached especially in the case of an emergency.  I have to admit though that when my phone does ring it sometimes surprises me.

Pedometer – I signed up for a Be Well program at work and one of the challenges is a walking one.  So now to keep track of how much walking I do everyday I got this awesome pedometer.  I have become quite attached to it and now I always have it with me.  I love that you can put it in your handbag or pocket as well as clip it to your clothing.  It is surprising just how much you walk in a day.  Who knew!

iTouch – I love, love, love my itouch.  It was a free gift when I bought my MAC so that makes it even better.  It is my companion on my long commutes.  I also love it because I can access the Internet and check in on things.  I also like all the cool apps that you can download.  Maybe an iphone will be next.

Lip Balm/Lip Gloss – Something that I cannot do without especially during these cold northeastern winters.  I am not a lipstick person so I tend to go with just a colored lip gloss over my lip balm.  Lately I have am loving the lip balm by Neosporin (who knew that the makers of ointment would make such a great product for your lips) and I love these lip glosses from Cover Girl.

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