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Blogging for Scrapbookers – A Shimelle Class

I signed up to do Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers online class which started last week Monday.  The basic premise is that blogging and scrapbooking have a lot in common in that they both involve photos nd the stories that go with them.  Each day for three weeks we receive a prompt to fuel that creativity and inspire us do with a basic blog post (no pic necessary) or a post with a photo of some previously completed project or to create a page and then blog about it.  The option you choose would of course depend on the time you have that day.

So of course I am already almost two weeks behind, although Shimelle emphasizes that there is no right Reconneting
or wrong way to do this and that you can go at your own pace an even skip prompts.  I decide to start with prompt one and work my way through the ones that inspire me to scrap and blog.

Prompt one asks about our intentions for the next three weeks (or in my case next three months or years lol).  I signed up for this class because I really need to get my creative juices both for scrapping and writing flowing again and I figured this was the perfect combination to tackle them both at the same time.  So stay tuned for more prompts,scrapping, and blogging as I reconnect with my right brain and get myself out of this creative slump.

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