Wrecked: Week 2

Let the wrecking begin!!!

So I have to admit that it took me  a few days to bring myself to actually start this and I started out slow by just writing my name in various ways as suggested.


I then summoned the courage to add page numbers just randomly through out the book (as you will see as I share more over the coming weeks) before finally taking the plunge to just open random pages and follow the instructions.  Here are the results of my wrecking thus far.


I was hanging out in my scrap room and just looked around for four letter words and also jotted down the ones that came to mind as I made my list.


I swear I did not purposely do the thing that looks like an elephant (smile).  I used some pink paint and some orange stickles (otherwise know as glitter glue).  It was quite fun and strangely liberating to just squeeze the paint and stickles all over the page and then close the book and squish the paint between the pages. 

So a slow start but I am starting to let go.  I think I am really going to love doing this journal.  Stay tuned for much more wrecking next week.

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