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The Next Chapter: Wreck This Journal


As I sat color coordinating a stack of files and labels to organize our bills I realized just why I need to take part in this blogging exercise – its time to let go and just be free and go with the flow.  I am one of those people who cringes when I see people bending the covers of paper back books or I see cracks in the spines of hard covers so I know it will be hard for me to mutilate this journal but I am strangely excited and looking forward to painting and burning and just reeking havoc on this journal.  I think the hardest part will be starting but once I do the first couple pages it should be easier from there (I hope).  So stay tuned for my little adventure in letting go of control.

4 thoughts on “The Next Chapter: Wreck This Journal

  1. Oh you’re so right – it all comes down to control, doesn’t it? Such a human condition, alas. It goes against all we’ve been taught – taking care of our things, especially books. It’s going to be a challenge but hopefully by the end of July we’ll be wrecked!


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