Getting Better at Jounaling

The March kit at Scrapbook Takeout is called “Tell Your Story” and it has inspired me to really take a look at my journaling and try to do more of it on my layouts beyond the who, what, where, and why?

This layout I did for a ‘make n take” for the special area on our forum that is for kit buyers.

The journaling reads:

10 Things…I don’t leave home without
1. Cell Phone My life line to the outside world. I am not a big cell phone but I just like to know that I have it with me in case I need to make a call or someone needs to reach me. I hate being out of touch. 2. Sunglasses I used to buy expensive sunglasses and they kept breaking in my handbag. Since I started buying the cheaper ones they last forever and guess what – they work just as well 3. Lip balm I hate dry lips and with the winters that we have here in MA lip balm is a must. Who wants to walk around with dry cracked or peeling lips? I Know I don’t. My favorite one at the moment Blistex Lip Infusion, Cherry Splash 4. Lip gloss I am not a lipstick person so I was very happy when tinted lip-gloss became a big thing. I wear it over my lip balm as you just can’t have enough moisture for your lips. These days I am loving Hi Shine Lip Treatment from the Body Shop. 5. Notebook I am a scrapper and a writer of lists so I never leave home without a note book in my bag. You never know when that next great idea or inspiration will jump out at you and I am forever writing lists of things to do, to buy, etc. 6. Pen well you can’t have a note book without something to write in it with now can you. 7. Wallet I hate purses so I carry a wallet in stead. I like that it is small and compact but holds everything that I need. 8. Watch I just like to know what time it is. It probably is a bad thing to be constantly checking your watch and I have been trying to go without it on weekends when I run out to do stuff. After all the weekend is the time to relax. 9. Jewelry I have to confess that if I don’t have on my jewelry when I go out that I feel naked. It’s funny though because its also the first thing I take off when I get home (well except for wedding rings.), 10. I-Pod I love my new I Pod that Sheldon got for me for Christmas. It is so small that it can fit in my pocket. Much better than the one that it replaced. I carry it with me just in case I have down time somewhere so I can listen to music.

From Kit: Jenni Bowling Die Cut paper – Red, Collage Press – Grayson Hall – World Travel Paper; SBTO Stamp by Chrissy (add-on set);Other: American Crafts Thickers – Foam, Making Memories Boho Stickers; KI Memories alha Stickers; Stampin Up Dye Ink; Computer Journaling

On another note my sister just opened her Etsy Store – Callaloo Soup Designs Store! A collection of handmade items and vintage goodies for your crafting pleasure! Check it out – she has some pretty cool stuff including some awesome lace and trim from a French flea market (yes she lives in France).

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