All worth it.

Well we pulled it off – whew! Jeff’s surprise birthday party was on Saturday and he was totally surprised. It is good to know that all the scheming and plotting and planning behind his back was all worth it. What a fun time we had. You should have seen his face when he walked it and we all yelled surprise. Jenna had blown up pictures of his yearbook picture and put them on sticks so we all had them in front our faces as well. The food was awesome, the conversation entertaining, and of course the drinks were endless LOL. So a fun time was had by all. Of course yesterday I was dragging. I think I am getting old. One late night out and I am no good to myself the next day. Who would have thought that day would come.

It’s rainy today and cold and dark. I just feel like curling up with some books but I also want to do some scrapping and I have to go to the supermarket if we want to eat tonight.

One thought on “All worth it.

  1. Just updated on all your entries. You are becoming more and more articulate (Teacher comment) and that happens with ability plus practice.At my age it takes three weeks to recover from one night, so you are still a loooong way to go.


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