This and That

I know that I seem to be obsessed with the weather but hey I live in New England. Anyway today was an absolutely gorgeous day. The high was actually 81 F. Can you imagine? Of course I was inside with my windows opened because 81F is just too hot for me to be outside LOL. I have turned into such a New Englander.

The funny thing is that I went to open one of the windows a bit wider and there on the lawn on the side of my apartment complex was this guy lying on the grass with head phones on sleeping. It was so funny. I hope he did not get heat stroke because he looked pretty red to me.

On another note tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day and like many scrapbookers out there I will be spending the day doing some online crops and challenges and hoping to win some prizes. I told Sheldon this week that Sat is National Scrapbook Day and gifts are welcomed, his response was that he would leave alone for the day. Hey can’t ask for a better gift than that.

And my last random thought for the night – Happy Cinco de Mayo to anyone who celebrates (celebrated) it.

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor. hee hee hee!!!

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